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ACK! - Figure Skaters Community

Aug. 14th, 2007

02:18 pm - ACK!

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i met mark ladwig last week at my home rink--my home rink my tiny hometown!- and SKATED with him and MADE SMALL TALK with him!!....but i defintely didn't know that he was the fourth place finisher at last year's us state farm championships!! ack!

they were holding some selection competetion for dance and pairs skaters at my rink last week. so the practices before the competion (the morning of? i think) had all those competitors practicing there. i was not aware of this. i just looked at the schedule and picked a practice time. sure it was labeled high freestyle, but i could be there since i am doing axels/very feebly attempting doubles and for such a tiny me, i've got a lot of power (my coach is always having to slow me down in my programs! haha), so i figured i was fine at a high freestyle practice. and besides, i think we have like 3 skaters max at our rink that are doing double axels and higher. so i did not expect 9 people out there doing triples like it was nothing. i was absolutely terrified. so i was standing by the boards getting my thoughts together and waiting for someone to pass. this guy was standing next to me, and i said, "i have never skated with this many skaters this advanced before and its kind of wierding me out!" and he says, "eh, we are all humans. i'm making mistakes left and right, don't worry about it." then he introduces himself and shakes my hand! and i sincerely hoped he wasn't some famous skating figure that i should recognize. lol.

close. fourth place finisher. yep. thats pretty good. but granted, he is a pairs skater, and i never paid attention to them. so, i don't feel too bad about not recognizing him. BUT STILL!!


the end.