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More about me - Figure Skaters Community

May. 25th, 2007

12:59 am - More about me

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((1))First and middle name: Winnie

((2))Age: 16 (soon to be 17)

((3))Where you skate(you can say the name of the rink, the city in which you skate, or both): Fuji Ice Palace, Singapore and Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink, Australia

((4))ISI/USFSA/both/other? If other, please tell what it is: ISI in Singapore, not sure what it is in Australia...

((5))Skating level: ISI Freestyle 5 (+ Flying Camel)

((6))Skating goals for the year: Biellman-Biellman spin, Camel spin, get started on double jumps

((7))Are you taking lessons currently? Yes

((8))If yes, private or group lessons? Private one-on-one

((9))How long have you been skating? 1 year and about 4 months

((10))Ever been in a competition? Nope

((11))Favorite spin: Sit spin

((12))Favorite jump: Loop jump

((13))Favorite skater(if you have one): Brian Boitano, he's got the best technical skills.

Now, here are some questions that don't really have anything to do with skating(LOL)...


((1))Favorite food: Baked fish fillet

((2))Favorite color:  Silver grey

((3))Favorite music style:  Anything sing-able

((4))Favorite movie:  Gallipoli

((5))Favorite holiday:  December school holiday, it's the longest one.

((6))Favorite TV show:  CSI


((1))Night/day: Night, sharpens and heightens each sensation

((2))loud/quiet: Quiet, my hearing is quite accute and noise makes my head spin

((3))Black/colorful: Colourful!

((4))clean/messy: Messy..but sanitary.

((5))Clorox/Lysol)lol):  Clorox, have never heard of Lysol.

::Right now you are::

((1))wearing:  Yoga pants and football shirt

((2))Listening to/watching:  - / watching the laptop screen

((3))Eating(yes/no?): No

((4))In a good/bad mood:  In between

((5))Thinking:  math formulae, got a test tomorrow

::What do you think when I say::

((1))Cheese: Stinky

((2))Pooh: Disney

((3))Egg Nog: Wot's that?

((4))Curd:  Lactic reactions

((5))Mug:  Micheal Jackson...

((6))Pudding:  Christmas

((7))Orange:  Vitamin C